Make your home look like you’ve always dreamed with siding repairs or new siding installation in Memphis, Shelby County, Tipton County and the rest of West Tennessee. Summit Roofing and Restoration offers a full complement of siding manufacturers who offer a variety of colors and materials to get the style and protection that your home demands.

West TN Siding Installation

Summit Roofing and Restoration knows each of the communities where our clients live. We can help you match your roof siding to blend in or outshine your neighbors. Every home has its own unique flavor, and siding can add to that aesthetic through style, color, texture and finishing touches such as gutters and downspouts.
We specialize in siding installation and repairs so all of our products and services are designed to withstand harsh, cold winters and long, blistering summer days.

What Do You Do If You Suspect Siding Damage?

Siding damage often occurs after major storms and weather events, usually from those with heavy winds and hail. While most of your home’s siding can be seen safely from the ground level, we recommend that you never climb along the exterior of your home to look for damage or problems at higher elevation.
Summit Roofing and Restoration offers free inspections in all seven counties we serve. Our expert staff knows just what to look for and can tell if your siding is warping, rotting, cracking or coming apart. We also check thoroughly for mold, insect damage and ventilation issues on your home’s exterior.
We recommend you call us for a siding inspection if you experience problems such as:

  • A rise in energy use and utility bill costs, which could indicate an inefficiency in siding, house wraps etc.
  • Interior or exterior mold or deterioration that is readily visible, which may point to a leak or water flow issue.
  • Siding that repeatedly detaches or allows insect entry.
  • Aging materials that lose both attractive appearance and protective qualities.

Why We Chose Our Products

Summit Roofing and Restoration works with a variety of brands such as GAF and Owens Corning. If you need a replacement, we’ll find the right materials and colors to match your existing siding for a seamless look and feel.
With Summit Roofing and Restoration, you can choose the siding look you want that will protect the home you love for years to come.

Get Your Free Estimate

Don’t waste time with old siding that could lead to home damage and doesn’t match your home’s curb appeal. Schedule a free appointment with Summit Roofing and Restoration’s siding experts to get your inspection and quote for a healthier, happier home.